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Welcome to Great Lakes Testing, Inc.

We are Great Lakes Testing, Inc. (GLT), and we strive to provide quality while performing Non Destructive Testing. We perform Radiographic Testing (both traditional film and Computed Radiography), Visual Testing, Certified Weld Inspection, Magnetic Particle Testing, Dye Penetrant Testing, Ultrasonic Testing, Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing, Film Digitization, and we also have our Fire Division in which we perform tests on both the ladders and aerials for fire departments. We perform services for: pipelines, fabrication shops, foundry's, military vehicles, and many more industries. Our current certifications are as follows:

  • ISO 17025 Accreditation
  • NQA1-1994 Compliant
  • 10CFR Part 50 Appendix B

Our personnel are certified to perform work according with:

  • NAS-410
  • ASNT SNT-TC-1A Current Approved Edition
  • ASNT CP-189 1995 Edition
  • MIL-STD T9074-AS-GIB-010/271


Magnetic Particle Inspection (MT) is a process for detecting surface and shallow subsurface discontinuities in ferromagnetic materials such as ironnickelcobalt, and some of their alloys.

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Industrial Radiography (RT) Gamma rays are used to penetrate through solid material and generate an image on either film (Traditional) or phosporus plates (Computed Radiography) to view the internals and check the soundness of the material.

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Dye Penetrant Inspection (PT or LPI) LPI is used to detect casting, forging and welding surface defects such as hairline cracks, surface porosity, leaks in new products, and fatigue cracks on in-service components.

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Certified Weld Inspectors (CWI) We have multiple CWI's to perform final weld checks, monitor welding processes, review documents and more.

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Ultrasonic and Phased Array Testing (UT, PAUT) In most common UT applications, very short ultrasonic pulse-waves with center frequencies ranging from 0.1-15 MHz, and occasionally up to 50 MHz, are transmitted into materials to detect internal flaws or to characterize materials. This includes checking internals and also thickness testing.

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Fire Division We travel to fire departments to check their ladders for integrity, and also check their aerials for mechanical issues, structural integrity and functionality of the ladder, and waterway testing.

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We are a friendly group of knowledgeable and courteous people who coordinate and schedule your non-destructive testing needs..

Quality Control

We take quality very seriously, and are here to help you understand our quality control standards.


Our personnel are highly trained and knowledgable in our field


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